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working from home on a digital nomad visa

Digital Nomad Visa

If you seek to work remotely while residing in Spain, the digital nomad visa is perfect for you. This specialised and popular residency permit enables legal living and working in Spain for an extended 3-year period. Your work contract will remain the same the company will apply for this visa on your behalf. The company will be in charge to transfer the salary, pay social security and maintain your legal working obligations. There are two alternatives for intra- corporate transfers, both intended for individuals originating from non-EU countries. The decision between the two will depend on the category of employee the company intends to relocate: 1. The ICT EU visa allows companies to transfer workers, specialists, and trainees to work or train in Spain. This visa lets you move and work in different European Union countries, and you just need to inform your current employer. The visa duration changes based on your job role. Managers and general workers get a 3-year visa, while trainees get a 1-year visa. If you meet the initial conditions, you can ask for an extension of the visa. When the initial visa period ends, a relocation visa is then an option for you. 2. The national intra-company transfer visa is for workers who don't qualify for the ICT-EU visaThis visa is for overseeing a work arrangement or when the ICT-EU visa's maximum duration has been reached. It's referred to as a national residence permit for intra-company transferees. For a full breakdown of all requirements and any questions, please contact us directly!

€700 - €1,500

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