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Beckham Law

What is Beckham Law?

It is a special tax regime for inbound employees & digital nomads with contracts moving to Spain.

You will get lower tax rates on income generated in Spain.

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Main benefits of the Beckham Law

✓ 24% flat rate: fixed 24% tax rate on total income, including employment and rentals, up to €600,000, with any amount exceeding this taxed at 47%

✓ Only income obtained in Spain is taxed: The Beckham Law primarily taxes income from within Spain, except for work-related earnings. Under the standard system, worldwide income is taxed in Spain

✓ Wealth tax is only taxed on assets located in Spain: Tax payment only on the net value of assets situated in Spain and not on the taxpayer's total global asset value

✓ There is no obligation to present Form 720: under Beckham Law, the taxpayer is treated as a non-resident for tax purposes, so you are not required to file the Form 720 for declaring assets abroad

Main requirements

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✓ Residence: The person applying cannot have been a tax resident in Spain during the last 5 years

✓ Employment: The person moving to Spain has a work contract.

✓ Income: The applicant cannot engage in self-employed work, such as being a freelancer.

✓ Timing: meeting specific deadlines for this scheme is crucial, including the move to Spain, commencement of work, and application for the scheme

​Get the ball rolling by contacting us directly, or fill in an enquiry form to request a free consultation call

What to expect from us

✓ We'll assess your specific situation to see if the scheme will benefit you

✓ We'll prepare and submit all documents

✓ We'll coordinate with the authorities, handling any necessary clarifications

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