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Tax Planning

Tax Planning

The guidance of a Tax Lawyer in Spain will help you establish a tax plan that aligns with your financial objectives.

We will ensure you avoid dual taxation, make you aware of the relevant tax incentives, and optimise your tax situation.

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Navigating Tax Complexity & Optimising Your Taxes

Whether you are an individual seeking to optimise your tax obligations or a business aiming to streamline its fiscal responsibilities, the complexities of Spanish taxation can be challenging.

Our experienced consultants will ensure that you not only comply with Spanish tax laws but also help you to maximise your taxes.

We are committed to helping you navigate the tax regulations, minimise your tax liabilities, and optimise your financial strategies, ultimately allowing you to achieve greater tax efficiency and peace of mind.

Our Areas of Focus

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✓ Analysis of Tax Residency and Double Tax Treaties

✓ Income tax for residents or non-residents

✓ Wealth tax

✓ Gift tax

✓ Inheritance tax

✓ 720 form (return on assets and rights abroad)

✓ Tax resident registration

✓ Certificates of tax residence

✓ Global tax simulation

✓ Property Transfer Tax and Documented Legal Transactions (stamp duty)

​Get the ball rolling by contacting us directly, or fill in an enquiry form to request a free consultation call

What to expect from us

✓ Initial consultation to understand your current fiscal situation

✓ Build an appropriate tax plan

✓ Personal review of the tax plan to ensure your understanding of the next steps

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