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How we can help

We provide practical solutions for immigration challenges, serving the needs of both businesses and individuals moving to Spain. Get advice directly from our Spanish immigration and tax lawyers and tax consultants to ease your move to Spain!

Our guide to obtaining your visa in Spain


All necessary documents will be prepared by our immigration laywers and submitted to the appropriate authority. Leave the paperwork to us!


We will work together to ensure that you fulfil all the necessary requirements and discover the optimal path based on your situation.


We will provide step-by-step guidance throughout the entire process, personally addressing any questions or concerns you may have.


plane wings flying to Spain while relocating

Team of local professionals

Transparent and best value pricing

Quick and direct communication

Human and personal


Why choose us

We personally understand the frustration of unclear visa options and costs when moving to Spain. Our purpose is clear: to give complete answers and transparent information. Our Spanish immigration lawyers will lead you through various visa choices for a full understanding, particularly vital for business relocation, ensuring informed decisions and a smooth transition.

Do you want to...

...relocate your business to Spain?
...move to Spain with your family?
...explore your work-permit options?
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