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Having lived in various different countries throughout her life and career, and traveled extensively across the world, navigating immigration matters has been a familiar and recurring task for Global Roots co-founder Johanna Nordland. She's experienced first hand the lack of relevant, reliable and up-to-date guidance online on the topic. Grey areas abound, particularly surrounding the financial aspects of visa fees and related services. Surprisingly, even today, there is a lack of comprehensive breakdowns of these costs.

It was the shared frustrations of Johanna and many of her friends, colleagues and business partners that fueled her interest in creating a platform that made relocations and Spanish visa applications easier. Immigration (along with all its associated intricacies like tax laws) is complex, understood mainly by specialised lawyers.


Global Roots was envisioned as a platform that can foster bespoke connections between those legal experts and the ordinary individuals seeking to navigate the maze-like world of post-Brexit European & global immigration. Through Global Roots, Johanna takes pride in helping people plant their roots around the world.

Johanna Nordland


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