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Tax Advice

Need help getting set up as a freelancer in Spain? Or maybe you need some orientation on filing your taxes?

Whether for individuals or businesses, simplify the process and reduce risks by seeking guidance from our Spanish Tax Lawyers and Accountants.


Our tax services

What to expect from us


Beckham Law

✓ We'll assess your specific situation to see if the scheme will benefit you

✓ We'll prepare and submit all documents

✓ We'll coordinate with the authorities, handling any necessary clarifications

Tax Return

✓ Calculate how much tax you are due to pay and when

✓ Prepare and submit your tax return

✓ Manage communication between you and the Spanish Tax Agency

Tax Planning

✓ Initial consultation to understand your current fiscal situation

✓ Build an appropriate tax plan

✓ Personal review of the tax plan to ensure your understanding of the next steps

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Explore the Possibilities

& overcome the challenges that can impede your financial strategies and tax efficiency

Contact us directly, or fill in an enquiry form to request a free consultation call

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